Before contacting Ottawa Classifieds for help, please review the following FAQs.

How do I place an ad on Ottawa Classifieds?
To place a free ad on Ottawa Classifieds browse to Place a FREE Ad and follow the 3 easy steps.
I just placed an ad but it does not appear, why not?
It can take up to 8 hours for your ad to be reviewed and approved.
I don't want to get spammed or receive requests from possible scammers. How do I prevent this.
You are not required to post your email address in your ad. Just be sure that the "Show email address in the Ad" checkbox is unchecked when placing your ad.
Be sure to review our Terms & Conditions/Guidelines page.

How do I manage my ads on Ottawa Classifieds?
To manage your ads on Ottawa Classifieds browse to Manage My Ads and login.
How long will my ad remain on Ottawa Classifieds?
Older ads are removed on a regular basis (every 4 months). To have your ad automatically removed you must specify an "Ad Expiry Date" when placing your ad.
I cannot login because I forgot my username or password. What can I do?
If you have forgot your username or password you can retrieve it by browsing to Retrieve My Username / Password.
Can I advertise my business on
Yes and No. If you are a true small business (home repair/maintenance, child care, photographer etc.), then yes your ad will most likely be approved.
Note: Ads containing business web site links are usually not approved.

How much does it cost to advertise my business via banner advertisements?
Please see the Advertise with us page to see our affordable advertising rates.
How do I contact
Send an email to or use the form below.

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